Thursday, March 5, 2009

Meeting at a gravestone

I have never been this speechless, I'm not sure I have ever been speechless at all. Up until now words have been my bitch. And she was a submissive bitch, but beautiful really beautiful, sometimes gruesome and sad, and sometimes a raging angery bitch. She was so good at cutting someone when they were already bleeding, or making them bleed when they thought they were untouchable, still she had the most caring hands and soothing voice to make you forget you had been wounded at all. She was prettiest when put to music, and lonliest when put on a page, but she was mine. Then came, you, you are the master of words, you call her your mistress, and I was busy making her my bitch.

Feel free to keep blowing my mind day after day and I will give you all the fuel you need to do it!