Friday, February 27, 2009

the rain will come

Like a rainstorm, you came into my life, when I was dry and empty and needed somthing to quench my thrist. Your thunder was exciting and big and your lightning sent surges of energy through my body. Before long I was flourishing and growing and I no longer needed you're large crashing raindrops to quench my thrist. But you kept pouring, and pouring till i started to drown. The thunder made me afraid to go outside anymore, and i feared the lighting would strike me dead. You would not stop just continued to pour, and flood, and rip torrents of water through and around me till I could no longer gasp for air.


but thank you for saying sorry. that changes everything

Thursday, February 26, 2009

this used to by my world everyday.... I don't think I can say I do not miss it...
I think that exactly every time I am happy...You decide it is time to come back. But guess what asshole. I don't have to take you anymore...and by the way...I hated every second....

now all I can do is laugh...because I love to laugh...and also because she looks like a boy and you look like a little bitch...

...and yes, I still forgive you, but I will never forget...although I would love to.

Both forces have subsided. that was quick...but not nessicerily painless.

<--I'll stick to this. and the rest will come later...maybe..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

in the next two days

Here I am in another dilemma...caught between two forces as always...

one is light and lacks mystery i always know what was meant to be said but never what was meant to be heard

the other dark and honest i always hear what is said and am dying to hear what comes next

one buys me wine one tickles my feet

one flatters with inquiry one teases with sparkle

one can speak one can relate

both have ryhthem...each of their own kind

one comes first so ill take it one at a time


religion made me everything that i hate about myself and thats the truth...but i mean i guess i am who i am as a result of everything I have been so it couldnt have fucked with me to bad
only because I didnt let it though
other people...not as smart...or as educated...or as enlightened...let it ruin them
and im hardly either of the three
Illiteration....base word? illiterate?

"I've got Two Turn Tables and a microphone"

Ill just assume we have all worked it to "Run" a few times...

so not really illiterate at all...

it's too early in the morning...or late at really think of somthing significant...but the conversation I am having has never been more significant.
man i love Kansas CIty more and more everyday!